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Meet Our Team

Our experienced group of sales representatives and knowledgeable, friendly customer service staff is here to make your experience with ELIVATE as rewarding as possible. Get to know each of our team members and connect with one today—they’re always just one phone call or email away.

Kevin Benkowski - Sales Manager
Kevin Benkowski

Sales Manager

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Kelly Eterovich - National Account Manager
Kelly Eterovich

National Account Manager

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Our Culture and Values

Integrity Value Icon

We do what we say we will do.

Family-Owned, Professionally Managed Value Icon
Professionally Managed

We are a caring community and family acting in the company’s best interest.

No Walls Value Icon
No Walls

With open communication we listen, learn and respond.

Tenacious Value Icon

We reach our objectives with courage, rigor and grit.

Positive Attitude Value Icon
Positive Attitude

We question today with belief and optimism about our future.

Profitability Value Icon

We achieve profitability through a commitment to performance and results.

Improvement Value Icon

We strive to be better, to adapt and to grow.

Service Value Icon

We treat all customers with courtesy, empathy and respect.

Benevolent Value Icon

We give back to our commmunity, people and planet.

Dynamic Value Icon

We are dependable and innovative problem-solvers acting with urgency.