• Body Sport® Cast Iron Kettlebells

    Have your clients grab some of this iron and go to work building strength and endurance, sculpting their body, and burning fat.

    The Step Original Health Club Step

    The original remains the best, the choice of thousands of fitness clubs for their step aerobics classes.

    Body Sport® Training Ropes

    Your clients will enjoy feeling the burn as they simultaneously work biceps, forearms, shoulders, back, wrists and hands.

    NormaTec PULSE Recovery System

    Get clients ready for their next workout faster with this proven muscle recovery technology.

    ZOID Agility Trainer

    Its 12 separate trapezoid shapes let you create not just straight-line but multi-directional agility exercises.

    TRX Pro Suspension Training Kit

    This Navy SEAL-designed system engages the core and produces results, fast.

    LIFELINE Natural Fitness Cork Yoga Block

    All-natural materials provide a more sustainable way to stabilize yoga poses.

    Body Sport® Fusion Ball

    Mini fitness ball fits under head, neck or feet to enhance a variety of exercises.

Normatec PULSE Leg Recovery System at ELIVATE


PULSE Leg Recovery System

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The perfect starter system for athletes of all levels that need fresh legs faster.


BOSU NexGen™ Pro Balance Trainer


Bosu Pro Nex Gen

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Textured markings make each exercise more efficient and effective.


Aqua Jogger

AquaFit Barbells

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Medium resistance, closed-cell foam aquatic dumbbells with soft, padded grip.


Vyper 2.0 vibrating foam roller for recovery and myofascial release.



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High-intensity vibrating foam roller for deep muscle activation.


The Step – The Original Health Club Step at ELIVATE™

Escalade Sports

The Step - Original Health Club Step

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Create an elevated surface for performing low-impact cardio, balance and sculpting workouts.


Balancing Disc & Inflatable Seat Cushion


Exercise Disc

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Small, air-filled disc that works like an inflatable exercise ball.