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  • Essential Advice for New Yoga Instructors

    Ace your first day on the job as a new yoga instructor and avoid the common pitfalls, with these tips from experienced teachers.

    The Complete Yoga Package

    Get all of the essential yoga workout accessories with the Body Sport Yoga Kit.

    Elevate Your Traditional Push-Up

    Pump up upper body strength by coaching clients through an elevated push-up with the ever-versatile Body Bar.

    Ensure Your Clients Are Ready To Work

    Provide your clients a good night's sleep with the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Cloud Mattress so they are ready for their workout every time!

    Experience The New Balance Trainer: The Bosu Elite

    Enhance clients workouts, so the achieve the results they are looking for with the new BOSU ELITE. The Elite provides the added support for engaging muscles, while improving footwork and agility.

    Help your client's Sleep Better

    Sleep habits should be just as important as gym habits. Ensure your clients are getting quality night's sleep with Tempur-Pedic.

    Titin Force™ - The Only Weighted Compression Shirt

    Improve Strength, decrease recovery, and reduce muscle fatigue with Titin. The Hydro-gel inserts provide hot-cold therapy over muscles and joints to repair while you are working out.


    Help your members recover faster so they can train harder


S30 Personal Blender

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Features portable, double-wall insulated container with flip-top lid for healthy eating on-the-go.


Now Foods

5-HTP Serotonin Supplements


Naturally produces and maintains healthy serotonin and melatonin levels for brain health.



7500 Blender

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Ultra-responsive Variable Speed Dial and Pulse feature for superior precision and easier processing.


Lifeline Power Wheel at ELIVATE™


Power Wheel


Wheel exercise device offers fast, efficient, full-body workouts for improved power and balance.