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  • Essential Advice for New Yoga Instructors

    Ace your first day on the job as a new yoga instructor and avoid the common pitfalls, with these tips from experienced teachers.

    A Mat for All Your Routines

    The Body Sport Standard Yoga Mat provides firm support and a nonslip surface for a variety of fitness routines.

    Elevate Your Traditional Push-Up

    Pump up upper body strength by coaching clients through an elevated push-up with the ever-versatile Body Bar.

    Recovery is Essential

    Help your clients repair sore muscles after intense workouts with Elasto-Gel’s full line of hot and cold wraps.

    Experience The New Balance Trainer: The Bosu Elite

    Enhance clients workouts, so the achieve the results they are looking for with the new BOSU ELITE. The Elite provides the added support for engaging muscles, while improving footwork and agility.

    Vibrate Your Way to Recovery

    The VYPER is the new wave of foam rolling and myofascial release, providing accelerated results and relief.

    Titin Force™ - The Only Weighted Compression Shirt

    Improve Strength, decrease recovery, and reduce muscle fatigue with Titin. The Hydro-gel inserts provide hot-cold therapy over muscles and joints to repair while you are working out.


    Help your members recover faster so they can train harder