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Fabrication Enterprises manufactures a diverse range of products for exercise, rehabilitation, therapy, diagnosis and evaluation. Its flagship brands include: CanDo, Baseline, Relief Pak and TheraPutty.

CanDo® exercise products

CanDo exercise products have been a favorite of clinicians and consumers since the 1980s. In addition to the popular Cando exercise bands (including both non-latex and latex exercise bands), this brand’s product line includes exercisers for strength and rehabilitation, balance and coordination, and flexibility. Many CanDo fitness products and rehab exercisers are available in consumer-friendly retail packaging.

Top Products

CanDo Latex Exercise Bands

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CanDo Foam Roller

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Cando Bulk Exercise Tubing

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Baseline® Evaluation Instruments

Trusted by chiropractors, orthopedists and sports medicine professionals, Baseline measurement instruments from Fabrication Enterprises let clinicians quickly and accurately test and measure patients’ grip strength, range of motion, sensory perception and other parameters. The product line includes multiple hand grip dynamometer choices, multiple Baseline goniometer models – including a finger goniometer – as well as numerous inclinometer, pinch gauge, reflex hammer and tuning fork selections, plus other measurement instruments.

Top Products

Baseline Hand Dynamometer

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Baseline Goniometer

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Standard Flexibility Test

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Relief Pak®

The Relief Pak product line includes high quality reusable col packs, and moist hot pack therapy products as well as heating units. Relief Pak reusable cold packs come in blue vinyl or black urethane for durability.

Clinicians looking for quality cold and hot pack products can trust the Relief Pak brand, which offers durable and effective cold pack, hot pack, hot/cold pack and moist compress goods for cold therapy and moist hot pack therapy.

The latest addition to the Relief Pak product line, Relief Pak heating units make using moist hot packs safer and more efficient. Each moist hot pack heating unit is made from durable seamless stainless steel and insulated for user safety and energy efficiency. Hot pack therapy is easier with Relief Pak heat packs from Fabrication Enterprises.


TheraPutty® therapy putty has been a favorite hand strengthening putty for clinicians since the 1980s.

This color-coded resistance putty sets the standard for hand exercise material and is available in six consistencies. TheraPutty colors and strengths range from super-soft tan to extra-firm black, offering resistance levels for the weakest to the strongest grip.

This exercise putty for hand therapy is available in convenient easy-to-open plastic containers (2, 3, 4 and 6 ounce) for individual patients to use at home and a choice of larger containers (1 and 5 pound) for the hospital or clinic. CanDo TheraPutty material is gluten, latex and casein free.