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Flexibility Test Equipment at ELIVATE™


Standard Flexibility Test

Item # W-FAB413

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Measure Flexibility with a Sit & Reach Box

One of the most common ways to measure hamstring and lower back flexibility is the “sit and reach” test, because tightness is a factor in lumbar lordosis and other alignment problems. The sturdy Baseline Standard Flexibility Test will give you accurate test measurements in inches and centimeters. Included are instructions, an adult evaluation table, back-saver sit and reach variation, and percentile norms for children ages 5 - 18. 

The deluxe model allows for the tests done with the standard model as well
  as modified sit-and-reach tests. Modified testing protocols vary the scale start point; this normalizes scores to account for variation in the arm and leg length of the person being tested. The center channel is locked into place when the start point has been determined


Baseline Standard Flexibility Test Features

  • Built-in foot plate for extra durability.
  • Maximum stretch indicator.
  • Standard is 21”x4”x13"
  • Deluxe is 30” x 4” x 13"
  • Requires some assembly.


Deluxe, Standard
Flexibility Tests