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A New Twist on Traditional Pushups

A New Twist on the Traditional Push-up

The Original Health Club Step is valuable for more than just step aerobics. Use it to coach clients through an elevated push-up by combining it with the ever-versatile Body Bar to help them build upper body strength. Even better, this exercise is something everyone can do; it can be easily modified to match your client's individual fitness ability.

ELIVATE™s Step Meets Elevated Push-up Workout

Use the Original Health Club Step to elevate the push-up position. By changing the angle of the push-ups, your clients are forced to engage their muscles differently than when doing a traditional push-up. They will feel, and eventually see, great results in their core and upper body.

What You Need:

Body Bar
The Original Health Club Step (platform and risers)



Step-by-Step Instructions:


 - Kneel behind the end of the platform and lay the Body Bar across it.

 - With an overhand grip, position your hands on the Body Bar wider than shoulder width apart.

 - Keep your wrists straight, contract your navel in toward your spine and straighten your legs into a plank position.

 - Your weight is supported on your toes and hands while your body is in a straight line.

 - Bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle, lowering the middle of your chest over the Body Bar.

 - Push up again to a plank position.

TIP: Modify this exercise for beginners by suggesting a push-up from the knees rather than the toes.
Target Muscle(s): Pectorals, anterior deltoids, triceps and core