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Essential Equipment for the Ultimate
Training Facility

Whether you are renovating, restocking or building a new training facility, selecting the right equipment depends on the fitness goals defined by your company and members. Some gyms and health clubs focus on general health and fitness, and offer a wide variety of options, from cardio classes to weightlifting equipment. Others focus on specialized fitness training like CrossFit, bodybuilding or circuit training.

No matter what type of facility you have, deciding what equipment is essential can be challenging, especially if you are on a tight budget. You'll want to have the standard go-to equipment, as well as some of the hip and trendy gear to help differentiate your gym from other local facilities.

Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes made by club owners and managers is buying too much equipment, too soon. Rather than stocking all the latest fads, create the ultimate training facility by considering these factors: variety, space efficiency, portability and cost. Investing in equipment that fits these criteria, such as the industry's best kept secrets below, will ensure you invest your money wisely and have everything you need to create the ultimate training facility.


Best Kept Equipment Secrets of Ultimate Training Facilities

Wondering what equipment is common in all the popular training facilities? Start with this list and you'll be on your way to creating your neighborhood's ideal gym.


From a selectorized dumbbell system to several pairs of fixed dumbbells, this equipment allows clients to strength train effectively with a virtually unlimited exercise variety. Even better, dumbbells have a small footprint requirement and minimal dollar investment. PlateMates are also a great way to add small increments to existing dumbbells, weight plates or stacks.

Adjustable Benches

Eliminate the need for multiple types of benches by investing in one piece of equipment that adjusts from flat to vertical. Whether in seated or supported-standing positions, an adjustable exercise bench allows members to perform various strength-training exercises with minimal space requirements.

Elastic Resistance

Elastic resistance devices like tubing, loops and bands possess all 4 of the quality characteristics of essential equipment. They are available in progressive resistances, some with attached handles and bars ideal for several different exercises. Additional wall-mount units and door attachments also aid in the versatility of this portable equipment.

Fitness Mats

Whether you’re stretching, doing crunches, or face down in child’s pose, fitness mats are essential pieces of equipment for any facility. Choose from mats that are specifically designed for yoga, Pilates, martial arts or general exercise. They vary in length, thickness and surface material to help provide fundamental support for numerous floor exercise needs. Easily wipe fitness mats clean and either fold, roll or hang them for space-saving storage.