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ZOID Fitness Agility Trainer & Other Agility Ladders at ELIVATE

ZOID Fitness

ZOID Agility Trainer

Item # W-ZOD100

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Make Your Patterns Turn

Expand your arsenal of agility training techniques when you integrate the ZOID Agility Trainer into your workout regiments. Unlike traditional agility ladders with square rungs connected by webbing on either side, the ZOID consists of 12 separate trapezoid-shaped pieces. Stack these 100% recycled rubber pieces end-to-end to resemble a ladder, angle them to create and “S” or a circle, plus many other configurations. This directional training tool can be used on virtually any surface, for any sport. Ideal for coaches and trainers, use the ZOID to teach athletes and clients how to be fluid in movement while being prepared to be explosive.

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Agility Trainer Features

  • Customizable agility tool.
  • Constructed from 100% recycled rubber.
  • Trapezoid-shaped.
  • Can be used on virtually any surface, for any sport.
  • Box of 12.
  • Size: 19" x 20" x 12".