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Medical Equipment to Hang Upside Down On

Yukon Fitness

Inversion Gravity Table

Item # W-MFT101

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Relax, Unwind & Relieve

Naturally relieve back pain with the Inversion Gravity Table by Yukon Fitness. As we age the force of gravity has a tendency to pull down on our spines. Sometimes the disks between your vertebrae are at a risk for compression. This can cause the fluid in your disks to spill out putting pressure on your nerves and pain. Reverse the pull of gravity and reduce pressure on your vertebrae and discs by taking a relaxing moment and hanging upside down to decompress the spine, stretch the back and elongate your muscles for better posture. Inversion Tables have been used for thousands of years. In 400 B.C. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, made an Inversion Table out of a ladder and pulleys to suspend a patient upside down to relieve the pain and pressure off of the spine. Inversion not only improves back pain, it also increases oxygen to the brain and cells, removes toxins, reduces stress, drains the lymphatic system and increases flexibility, physical and mental energy. Made with the highest-quality of materials, you don’t have to worry about falling out of this Inversion Gravity Table with proper use. Constructed with a heavy-duty 1.5” frame for stability and commercial grade chrome-steel supports this table provides the security and stress-free experience you desire. Built with a removable nylon mat, contoured ankle holders and soft handles to provide you with an ultimate feeling of comfort and safety.

Inversion Gravity Table Features

  • Angled, padded, sturdy frame to hang upside down from.
  • Stretches the back to relieve compression and back pain naturally.
  • Improves circulation, flexibility, posture, and physical and mental energy.
  • Increases oxygen to the brain and aids in the detoxification process.
  • Safe and secure, constructed with a heavy-duty 1.5" frame and chrome steel supports.
  • Removable nylon mat, contoured ankle holders and soft handles for comfort and safety.
  • Foldable frame for compact storage.
  • Accommodates users up to 6'6" in height.
  • Holds up to 350 lbs.


61" x 36" x 82"
Inversion Tables