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York® International “Multi-Hex” Dead Lift/Shrug Bar at ELIVATE

York Barbell

International “Multi-Hex” Dead Lift/Shrug Bar

Item # W-YRK3203

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A New Spin on the Traditional Hex Shaped Shrug Bar

Accommodate your members' heights in the weight room with York Barbell's International “Multi-Hex” Dead Lift/Shrug Bar. The large "hex" shape has an open design and two fixed handle heights, ideal for bigger clients. Unlike your traditional shrug bar, the Multi-Hex has a “Rock & Rack” kickstand feature that allows the bar to jacked up, allowing for easy plate loading and unloading. The Dead Lift/Shrug Bar has a weight built into the frame to counter balance the jacking system; this ensures the bar stays square throughout the range of movement.


Weight plates pictured are not included.

International “Multi-Hex” Dead Lift/Shrug Bar Features

  • Open design and two handle heights.
  • "Rock & Rack" kickstand.
  • Easy plate loading and unloading.
  • Weight built into frame to counter balance jacking system.
  • Size: 7' (28mm).