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VTX Solid Rubber Bumper Plate at ELIVATE™

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VTX Solid Rubber Bumper Plate

Item # W-USA15210LB

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Bumping Around the Gym: Olympic Weightlifting Training

For the Olympic weightlifting enthusiast this is the bumper plate for you! The VTX Solid Rubber Bumper Plate is of the highest quality and is the same diameter as other Olympic plates. They will hit the floor evenly when dropped overhead, an important feature for protecting the platform surface. Made of a solid steel insert covered with super-durable rubber, the plate effectively absorbs impact and reduces noise. The VTX Solid Rubber Bumper Plate comes in a variety of fun colors to brighten up your weight room. They also feature clear markings on the side that are easier to read than the typical black bumper plate. Our Solid Rubber Bumper Plate is a great value and perfect for gym, home and institutional use.

Solid Rubber Bumper Plate Features

  • For explosive and functional strength training.
  • Absorbs impact and reduces noise.
  • Designed for competition.
  • Made of solid steel insert and durable rubber coating.
  • Weights: 10 lbs. (green), 25 lbs. (yellow), 35 lbs. (blue) and 45 lbs. (red).
  • Ideal for gym and institutional use.


Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
10 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs, 45 lbs