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Core AB

Item # W-VCE622

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Vicore Core AB Is Your Mid-Section’s Best Workout Buddy

The Vicore Core AB is a soft surface training bench featuring an innovative ergonomic design that lets you and your members perform mid-section-developing sit ups and crunches in proper ergonomic form, while eliminating pressure on the spinal column, upper cervical ligaments and tailbone. Using the Vicore Core AB feels like floating on air, with every motion smooth and fluid. That’s because the Vicore Body Link system connects your arm, leg and core muscles into a collaborative partnership that builds strong, 6-pack abs. Perform all your regular bench exercises but get the added benefit of increased balance, core strength and agility by adding this workout bench to your equipment.

Core AB Features

  • Develops mid-section core muscles using Body Link system.
  • Soft surface bench supports and contours to body while increasing balance.
  • Commercial grade 75 mm tubing and 11-gauge steel for durability.
  • Bearing inlaid wheels, rubber foot pads, easy grab handles with antimicrobial agent.
  • Dimensions: 69" x 32" x 43" (175 cm x 81 cm x 109 cm).