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Train Your Clients Just Like The Military With The TRX Suspension Multimount

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Item # W-FNS111

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Ideal for the U.S. Military, Perfect for Your Studio

The TRX Multimount is an essential tool in commercial gym equipment, perfect for any fitness studio or physical rehabilitation center. Designed by a Navy SEAL, this famous fitness system is constructed from industrial grade steel and is strong enough to hold up to 9 TRX Suspension Trainers. The Multimount comes in 3 sizes: 7’, 14’ and 21’, allowing you to maximize your studio space. The TRX Training System is ideal for every level of fitness, and is even employed by the U.S. Military for both training and physical rehabilitation. Provide clients with the intensity of a true military workout with the TRX Multimount.

TRX Multimount Features

  • Commercial-grade steel construction.
  • Supports heavy bags and hanging exercises.
  • Includes installation instructions and safety guidelines.
  • Professional installation is recommended.
  • Available in 7', 14' and 21' lengths.