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TrueForm Runner non-motorized treadmill to improve running speed, strength and form. From ELIVATE.


TrueForm Runners


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A Non-Motorized Treadmill to Improve Strength, Speed and Form

The TrueForm Runner is 100% controlled by its user so it engages more muscles and rewards technically-sound posture, balance and cadence so they become habit. Its innovative curved platform is suitable for walking, jogging, or sprinting. Plus, the TrueForm Runner is the only non-motorized treadmill with an LED display to track time, distance, speed and pace. Experts say these machines are the closest simulation to road running available in the market.

The Enduro model has handrails similar to a traditional treadmill. This feature provides additional assistance and security making the Enduro a great choice for daily use in fitness facilities or therapy settings.

The Performance model is designed for explosive high-speed acceleration and high intensity workouts. Made for serious athletic training, the Performance features a tethering system that allows the user to add tension for more challenge.

The Low-Rider model is a compact TrueForm Runner that has a shorter handrail at 31” making it less tempting for a runner to hold on for assistance. It fits through a standard 32” doorway.

The Walking Desk Model allows you to enjoy all the benefits of using a TrueForm Runner while working at your desk.

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TrueForm Runner Features:

  • Made in the USA.
  • All metal construction.
  • Non-motorized, requires no power, for a better running workout and healthier planet.
  • Provides the closest simulation to road running available.
  • Encourages natural balanced running form and foot strike.
  • Improves strength and balance.
  • Safe for all ages and fitness levels.
  • Rollers on front and back make it easy to move.
  • LED display tracks time, distance, speed and pace.