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Trazer, high-tech athletic training, concussion management, rehab, and senior health software.


Base Package

Item # W-TRQ100

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Create New Revenue Streams with Trazer Movement Technology

Trazer is an automated, computer-controlled system with 3-D graphics and full-body sensing that can help you reach new markets and generate new revenue. Your trainers will be able to do everything from helping seniors improve movement for daily living to training athletes to improve their performance. You’ll even be able to safely assess when an athlete is ready to return to play after a concussion.

This package includes concussion management, orthopaedic rehabilitation, and senior health software that accurately and objectively evaluates and improves your clients’ abilities to make real world movements. They measure visual perception, reaction time, acceleration, velocity, distance traveled, stability, agility, and more. The data collected with the Trazer allows you to train exactly what needs attention while the Trazer’s video-game-like experience improves motivation and outcomes.

The Trazer Base Package Includes:

  • Concussion Management Software
  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Software
  • Senior Health Software
  • Software updates
  • Software upgrades
  • UNLIMITED Testing
  • UNLIMITED Technical Support
  • Access to TRAZER Secure Cloud-Based Data Management
  • Polar bluetooth heart rate monitor
  • Wall mounting package