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Lifeline Train Station Door Mount at ELIVATE™

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Train Station Door Mount

Item # W-LFI1TSDI4

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Knock-on-the-Door Workouts

Choose a door configuration with the Lifeline Train Station Door Mount. Lightweight at just 1.5 lbs., it’s a multi-functional training station set that is ideal for working back, shoulders, legs, core, arms, hips and more. You can easily change the height of the cable anchor point: higher for downward movements or lower for upward movements. Center it for presses and rowing movements; it’s the perfect train station to take on the road. Just loop over any doorknob and get results anytime and anywhere, the door-mounted model is also great for creating an impromptu home gym that’s secure, affordable and space-saving for maximum full-body workout results in a compact, limited area.

Train Station Door Mount Features

  • Total body workout in a compact size.
  • Upper and lower body strength training.
  • Ideal for travel or home use.
  • Attaches to doorknob.
  • Comes with: 2-30” cables (40 lbs. peak resistance each), 2 exchange handles, 15’ door strap with 1-way steel buckle, 2-way steel buckle with 2 cable pockets, cardio belt and ankle/wrist attachment.
  • Carrying case and instructional DVD with brochure by expert Jon Hinds included.


40 lbs