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TimTam Professional Recovery for Serious Athletes

Amazing Power, Superior Durability

TimTam was founded in January 2016 – by UFC World Champion Georges St-Pierre, his coach Firas Zahabi, and physical therapist/author Kelly Starrett – with a goal of improving athletes’ performance… by improving their recovery.

While there are many “single point” solutions for various aspects of recovery, TimTam is the first and only company with a complete portfolio of recovery products – from its patented massager, tips and accessories to vibrating foam rollers and more.

TimTam’s professional grade massage therapy products give sports chiros, therapists and trainers a broad array of innovative tools to speed up muscle recovery in the athletes they serve.

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Recovery Tools

Power Massager

Delivers up to 2000 strokes per minute.

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TimTam Pulse Massager

A premium TENS recovery device that wirelessly connects to your phone.

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Polish Pro Massager

The Polish Pro has been specifically engineered for therapists, trainers and coaches.

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Spiked Massage Therapy Ball

Increases blood flow and improves muscular range of motion.

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Vibrating Foam Roller, 4-Speed Rechargeable

4-speed vibration technology delivers game-changing results.

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Hand Roller Massager

TimTam hand roller to be used to treat muscle pain and improve flexibility.

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Metal Tip Bundle

These tips attach to the TimTam Power Massager for trigger point therapy or warming up muscle groups respectively.

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Hot and Cold Tip Bundle

Attaches to the TimTam Power Massager for delivering cold therapy or soothing heat in conjunction with massage.

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Recovery Blade

4 different sides that can be used based on the muscle group being worked on.

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Applicator Gel 3-Pack

Applicator Gel 3-Pack includes the cooling gel, gliding gel, and warming gel.

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TimTam Trainer Bag

Trainer Pack To Carry Around Your Recovery Equipment.

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TimTam Patagonia 26L Backpack

TimTam Patagonia Backpack for easy transportation and storage.

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Why integrate TimTam products in your clinic?

TimTam products offer you a range of innovative solutions for effectively treating muscle soreness and tightness in your patients – whether they’re athletes, post-op patients, rehab patients or spinal correction patients.

Feeling is believing. And once your patients experience the pain-relieving benefits of TimTam’s deep tissue massage – and the variety of ways TimTam products help address muscle pain – they’ll want to experience it again. Which is a great incentive for them to continue their care with you or purchase TimTam products you may have available for retail sale in your clinic.

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TimTam Foam Roller


Renowned trainer Dr. Kelly Starrett discusses a variety of issues and techniques impacting muscles and muscle recovery.