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Thera Band Soft Weight at ELIVATE™

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Soft Weight

Item # W-HYG206

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Weight Training Has Gone All Soft with Thera Band Soft Weight

You can now supplement your traditional strength exercises with even more directed full-body workouts using the Thera-Band Soft Weight. Uniquely the size of a small ball, soft weights are ideal for achieving firmer, stronger and more sculpted muscles. Because the soft texture of the Thera-Band Soft Weight is so easy to grip, it comes highly recommended by therapists for aiding in hand, finger, wrist and shoulder rehabilitation. Use it for isotonic and polymetric exercising or incorporate it into a rebounder or mini-trampoline routine. Patients find that soft weights are much easier to manage than typical hard hand weights, which explains why the Thera-Band Soft Weight is such a popular choice for balance and stabilization work or lower leg and back injury recovery.

Thera Band Soft Weight Features

  • Unique ball-sized weight that fits in your hand.
  • Versatile usage for strength training or rehabilitation.
  • Balls remain at consistent 4.5" diameter when resistance changes.
  • Available in assorted pack of 6 color-coded weights: 1.1 lb. (tan, 0.5 kg), 2.2 lb. (yellow, 1 kg), 3.3 lb. (red, 1.5 kg), 4.4 lb. (green, 2 kg), 5.5 lb. (blue, 2.5 kg) and 6.6 lb. (black, 3 kg).
  • Guide demonstrating exercises and variety of applications is included.
  • Convenient rack available separately.


Black, Blue, Green, Red, Tan, Yellow
1.1 lbs., 2.2 lbs., 3.3 lbs., 4.4 lbs., 5.5 lbs., 6.6 lbs.
Soft Weights