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Thera-Band Exercise Station at ELIVATE™

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Exercise Station

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Thera-Band Exercise Station: Progressively Get Fit

The Thera-Band Exercise Station is a system that was specifically designed to combine progressive elastic band resistance strength training and exercise ball, steps and stability trainer technologies into one convenient place. The Thera-Band Exercise Station has a unique center cavity made to work with most exercise ball sizes but is specifically intended to work with Thera-Band Stability Trainers, Wobble Boards and Rocker Boards (sold separately). The exercise station concept is simple, but potential fitness results are complex: The Thera-Band Exercise Station combines strength, balance and flexibility exercises employing easy progression principals to increase the resistance challenge gradually. The clip-on connectors make it easy to change between tasks and resistance levels. Choose from a variety of accessories: a 36” padded exercise bar, 2 handles or 2 assist straps. The 6 connection points allow the tubing to be attached in various locations for a customized and versatile workout. The station is lightweight, highly portable and stackable for space-saving convenience.

Thera-Band Exercise Station Features

  • Upper- and lower-body progressive strength and balance training.
  • Core strength and stepping exercises.
  • Suitable for senior fitness and rehab.
  • Made from sturdy, high-impact polyethylene.
  • Rubber feet prevent slipping.
  • Platform size: 24" x 44" x 2.5".
  • Station comes with 12”, 18” and 24” blue, green and red (2 of each color) exercise tubing with connectors; 2 exercise handles with D-ring connectors; 2 assist straps; (1) 3' padded bar with D-ring connectors; and 1 safety instruction guide and full-color poster with 24 exercises.
  • Extra Thera-Band accessories are sold separately.


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