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Instructional Swim Bars & Swimming Aids at ELIVATE™


Instructional Swim Bar

Elivate # HYG152 MFG# 40090
One of the most versatile tools in the water aquatics toolbox, the Thera-Band Instructional Swim Bar is ideal for swim and aquatic therapy programs. Made of high-density foam, the swim bar improves flexibility, strength, balance and range of motion by stabilizing your body (trunk) during activity. Perfect for all age groups, including children, youth and seniors.
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Specifications for Item HYG152
Constructed from two modules of high-density foamFor trunk stabilization and strengthening, improving flexibility and balance, and increasing range of motion in the upper extremities30" x 6"
Instructional Swim Bar Features
  • Made of high-density foam.
  • Dimensions: 30" x 6".
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