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Stackable Soft Impact Plyos from Strencor.


Soft Impact Plyos


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Land Softly

Soft Impact Plyos are made of high-density shock absorbing foam covered in a vinyl shell. The foam provides a softer landing than traditional plyo boxes, but contains stiffeners to help it retain its shape. The 6˝, 12˝, and 24˝ plyos can be used alone, or stacked for more challenge. Velcro flaps provide stability when stacked and handles on each side make them easy to move.

Soft Impact Plyo Features:

  • Made in the USA.
  • 18 oz. vinyl shell.
  • High density, shock absorbing foam.
  • Foam contains stiffeners to ensure plyos maintain their shape.
  • Each plyo features two handles and Velcro flaps for stacking.