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The Stiff Stick Massage Stick

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The Stick

Intracell Stiff Stick Massage Stick

Item # W-RPI121

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Reel Back & Relax with a Soothing Stick Massage

The Stiff Stick is a massage stick that offers benefits for athletes and individuals who enjoy soft tissue manipulation. The Stiff Stick is the firmest massage stick in the collection; at 24" long, it provides you with a length that allows you to massage yourself. The Stiff Stick spins on its base, but is recommended for all your major muscle groups for both deep tissue and light massage. To use the Stiff Stick as a deep tissue massager, you must first relax your muscles and sustain that state of relaxation throughout the duration of the massage. During a roll out, your muscles don't have to be in pain to offer benefits. You may feel some discomfort if your muscles are tight, but as they loosen up, that pain will ease. Use Stiff Stick before, after and during periods of exercise to massage out knots, and to and ease trigger points and soreness.

The Stiff Stick Massage Stick Features

  • Perfect for those who love, want or need a deep tissue massage.
  • Firmest of all the massage sticks, but indicated for light massage – simply press lighter.
  • A favorite of most athletes and very active individuals.
  • Easy to use for those who are up to 5'10" and flexible; use on all major muscle groups.
  • As a deep tissue massager or for deeper pressure, most appropriate for those who have muscular physiques or larger builds, and for those who especially enjoy the benefits or want to reap the rewards of deep pressure.
  • Length: 24"; has 12 spindles.