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SpiderTech Precut Upper Knee Tape & Other Kinesiology Tape at ELIVATE


Precut Upper Knee Tape

Item # W-SPD110

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SpiderTech Upper Knee Protects & Performs

SpiderTech Upper Knee precut kinesiology tape is professionally engineered to bring a dynamic therapeutic approach to supporting muscle, joint, myofascial injuries and dysfunction through neurosensory mechanisms. Intended for use by healthcare professionals, SpiderTech Upper Knee Tape helps provide the most effective postoperative rehab taping applications possible so clients can perform athletics or the tasks of everyday living without pain or restrictive movement while preventing future injury. SpiderTech Upper Knee is an active, dynamic support for your knees.

Precut Upper Knee Tape Features

  • Precut and ready to apply.
  • Engineered to be easy to apply while optimizing patient treatment.
  • Provides functional medical approach to knee pain and myofascial dysfunction.
  • Gives therapeutic-level support and stability to prevent further injury.
  • Improves performance and stabilizes joint, muscles and ligaments.
  • Ideal for postoperative rehab.
  • Colors: beige, black, blue and red.

    Beige, Black, Blue, Pink