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SpiderTech Precut Elbow Tape & Other Kinesiology Tape at ELIVATE


Precut Elbow Tape

Item # W-SPD105

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For Freedom of Movement & Enhanced Muscle Activation

SpiderTech Elbow Tape is precut, allowing for sufficient freedom of movement and improvement of athletic performance. It helps provide speedy recovery and prevention of injuries by increasing lymphatic drainage in affected areas and improving circulation. First, it will help heal muscle strain. Second, it will relax the muscle and relieve tension. It allows freedom of movement because it is very flexible. SpiderTech Elbow Tape is ideal during the healing stages of all elbow injuries, whether postoperative or for minor injuries.

Precut Elbow Tape Features

  • Flexible tape, allowing freedom of movement.
  • Improves performance of muscles and time to activation.
  • Aids in the healing processes of the injury by improving lymphatic drainage.
  • Ideal for postoperative rehabilitation.
  • Helps heal muscle strain.
  • Available in beige, black, blue and red.