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Spectra Infinite Nutrition Dietary Supplement at ELIVATE™

DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont

Spectra Infinite Nutrition

Item # W-DVL205

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DaVinci's Master Formula for Good Health

Spectra Infinite Nutrition has more than 70 nutrients that your body needs to support a happier and healthier you. This nutritional supplement can be mixed with cold water, vegetable juice or fruit juice to make a tasty drink that only contains 170 calories per serving. It makes a great meal substitute! Mix with 8 oz. of water, or blend with frozen berries or ice cubes until the desired consistency is achieved. For those above 29 years of age, this powdery dietary supplement should be consumed in 1 scoop a day, divided between morning and evening. For those younger than 29 years of age, but older than 18, a 1/2 scoop is recommended for optimal results. One scoop has 40 g of nutrition and there are 36 servings per container.

Spectra Infinite Nutrition Features

  • Powdered nutritional supplement that contains 70 nutrients.
  • Provides the proper amount of healthy nutrients the body needs.
  • Mixed with cold water, vegetable or fruit juice to add flavor.
  • Contains soy. 170 calories per 40 g serving.


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