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Indoor Fitness Bike & Exercise Bicycle


ISO7010R Bi-Directional Recumbent Exercise Bike

Elivate # SFI208 MFG# ISO7010R-INT HCPCS# E1399

Reduce injuries and joint pain with the ISO7010R Bi-Directional Recumbent Exercise Bike by SciFit. This innovative exercise bike lets you pedal backwards or forwards, changing directions whenever you want, however many times you want. Periodically changing directions reduces the risk of injury from muscle imbalance, giving some muscles a rest as you focus on others. Pedal forwards to tone your glutes, pedal backwards to give your knees a much needed rest while strengthening your hip abductors. This Bi-Directional Recumbent Bike is super user friendly and safe to use. With an oversized, well-padded seat and backrest, everyone in your household or gym will be comfortable. The seat features a tall back and a fixed height seat for a secure and safe feel. Plus with its unique step through access, you don’t even have to lift a leg over the center support. Simply step up and sit, just like when you sit in your favorite chair. If you’re too far or too close, just slide the seat to your perfect distance from those extra-large, comfy pedals and you’re good to go. Go faster and push yourself farther by picking one of the 6 different hill fitness programs on the IntelliFit console. You can also adjust this fitness bike to 200 different levels of intensity with 1 press of a button. Best of all, this Recumbent Exercise Bike is perfect for users just starting out or with physical rehabilitation needs because there is no minimum speed or pedal RPM for the bike to provide you with your exercise feedback. So go as fast or as slow as you need to and watch those calories burn away.

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Specifications for Item SFI208
SCIFIT recumbent bikes feature a true adjustable step through that adjusts up to a full 23 inches for safe and easy accessBi-directional exerciseIso-Strength for safe, accommodating resistanceVery low starting resistanceFixed Seat
ISO7010R Bi-Directional Recumbent Exercise Bike with Fixed Seat Features
  • Durable, commercial-grade exercise bike for a confident and effective fitness routine.
  • Robust structural designs tested to the highest industry standards.
  • Powder-coated and plated components protect from perspiration and external elements.
  • Precision-machined, high-strength shafts.
  • Professional 3-piece crank system for added durability.
  • Oversized, well-padded seat with backrest that adjusts closer to pedals, as needed.
  • Standard seat adjusts forward and backward
  • Easy-to-grasp handles located in a position that feels natural.
  • Large pedals with snug foot adjustment straps.
  • Unique step-through access to easily sit on the bike; no climbing necessary.
  • Large, readable feedback IntelliFit console displays watts, time, rpm, calories burned, distance traveled, resistance level, METs and heart rate.
  • Pedals go forward and backward to target and relax certain muscle groups.
  • Self-powered; no cords or electrical outlets needed.
  • Wirelessly measures heart rate.
  • Includes 6 different fitness programs and 200 resistance levels.
  • Workload dependent or independent of pedal speed.
  • Color: gray with black and silver.
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