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RumbleRoller Gator foam roller


RumbleRoller Gator

The Gator is a more beginner-friendly version of the RumbleRoller deep-tissue roller, but its advanced features can benefit even the most experienced athlete. Its firm surface and small diameter produce high compressive forces in the muscle, while minimizing discomfort and the risk of soft tissue damage. The small diameter also makes it great for smaller body depressions such as the arch of the foot or curve of the neck. The Gator’s surface features hundreds of tooth-like bumps with slightly concave ends, flat sides, and prominent edges. The bumps are resilient, but have high lateral stiffness and generous skin-holding spaces between them. This patent pending surface grips bare or lightly clothed skin, and resists slippage in all directions, creating cross-friction that can help to free stuck tissues by pulling them apart. The Gator is the only foam roller that can grip the skin well enough to mimic cross-frictional massage. Dimensions: 22˝ long x 4.5" diameter.
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