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RockWrist Wraps

Item # W-ROK204

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Patriotic Wrist Protection

Encourage clients to reach a new PR with the help of RockTape’s RockWrist Wraps. Designed by functional fitness legend Jason Khalipa, RockWrists provide excellent support without restricting range of motion or repetitions. Unlike most other weightlifting wrist wraps, typically made of cloth or Velcro, RockWrists are constructed of nylon and cotton. They allow added comfort with 10% stretch and significant support that secures with hook and loop so members can go stronger, longer. The RockWrist Wrap's loop is designed to go around the wrist, not the thumb, for easy-on and easy-off after sets. Make these patriotic, red, white and blue lifting straps available in your pro shop and members are sure to make a statement in the weight room.

RockWrist Wraps Features

  • Competition-grade strength wrist wraps.
  • Supportive, without restriction of range of motion.
  • Nylon and cotton fabric construction keeps wrap secure.
  • 10% stretch keeps grip comfortable.
  • Secures with hoop and loop.
  • One size: 22” x 2.5”.
  • Color: red, white and blue mix.