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Rock Sauce Topical Pain Reliever for Athletes at ELIVATE™


Rock Sauce Topical Pain Reliever


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For Fast, Effective Pain Relief

Rock Sauce Topical Pain Reliever is a skin preparation product specifically made for use with kinesiology tapes like RockTape. Use it instead of alcohol or another topical disinfectant; because Rock Sauce does a more thorough job cleansing your skin, the tape will adhere better. Made with nanosac technology so it penetrates quickly, Rock Sauce creates a soothing hot and cool sensation that lasts up to 2 hours and helps alleviate pain. When the effect fades, simply reapply a dime-sized amount of Rock Sauce on top of your kinesiology tape for fast, effective pain relief. Rock Sauce contains 20% methyl salicylate, 10% menthol and 0.3% capsicum, which give it a soothing effect.

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Rock Sauce Topical Pain Reliever Features

  • Topical disinfectant and pain reliever specifically for use with kinesiology tapes.
  • Fast, effective pain relief with soothing effect.
  • Effects last for 1 to 2 hours.
  • Active ingredients produce cooling and heating effects.
  • Available in 4 oz. and 8 oz.


3 oz., 32 oz.