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Rock Rub

Item # W-ROK114

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Beat Bar Burn with All-Natural Rock Rub Hand Care

Tough calluses and cracked hands can get in the way of your members' performances while weightlifting, so make sure to retail RockTape's Rock Rub hand care in your pro shop. Rock Rub is a premier hand cream members can use at night and wake up with softer calluses, ready for another WOD. Though it was primarily developed for hand care, RockTape's Rock Rub can be used on the legs, chest, arms or anywhere suffering from abrasions post-workout. Made with all-natural ingredients, Rock Rub leaves skin prepped for performance without irritants or unnecessary chemicals. Ingredients include Australian beeswax, canola oil, vitamin E, ylang ylang, resulting in a pleasant, unscented experience. For members concentrating on muscle recovery, recommend Rock Rub application before myofascial release as a successful lubricant that better unlocks tough knots. One jar of 400g RockTape Rock Rub will last roughly 3-4 months with regular application.

Rock Rub Features

  • Premier hand cream developed by RockTape for weightlifters and other athletes.
  • Softens tough calluses and soothes bar burn post-workout.
  • Formula contains all-natural ingredients including Australian beeswax, canola oil and ylang ylang.
  • Cream can be applied anywhere on the body, including chest, legs and arms.
  • Application prior to muscle recovery myofascial release helps unlock tough knots.
  • To use, apply hand cream at night.
  • Jar size: 400g.