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RockBalls Massage Balls

Item # W-ROK201

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RockBalls Massage Balls Deliver a 1-2 Punch on Muscle Pain

Your members' post-workout cool downs should involve myofascial release and trigger point therapy to prevent sore muscles and joint pain. Introduce members to RockTape RockBalls Massage Balls: Sold as a pair, this kit includes a larger spiky ball and a smaller smooth ball. When used together, the RockBalls Massage Balls provide pinpoint accuracy to unlock tough knots and ease tense muscle tissue. Members can use the spiky massage ball on larger muscle groups, including lats, quads, biceps and triceps. RockTape's smaller ball is ideal for joints and hard-to-reach spots like hip and shoulder creases. To aid members, RockTape's rehabilitation specialists and medical professionals created the Movement Manifesto, an informational booklet filled with release trigger points and mobility exercises. Movement Manifesto is included with each set of RockBalls Massage Balls. Entire set is available in a convenient zip mesh bag.

RockBalls Massage Balls Features

  • RockBalls kit includes 2 massage balls: 1 larger and spiky, 1 smaller and smooth.
  • Spiky massage ball is best used on lats, quads, biceps and triceps.
  • Smooth massage ball is ideal for hard-to-reach spaces, including hip and shoulder creases.
  • Kit includes the Movement Manifesto for information about trigger points and mobility exercises.
  • Massage balls are stored in a convenient zip mesh bag.
  • Diameters: 3.5" (spiky) & 2.5" (smooth).