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Item # W-ROK799

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Keep Knees Stabilized

RockTape's next generation of KneeCaps are essential for when it comes stabilization during dead lifts, pistols, squats and other functional movements. Constructed with SBR neoprene and double mouser stitches for added durability, RockTape KneeCaps provide compression above the patella to help ensure proper knee stability without sliding. KneeCaps feature a 4-way lycra liner for added comfort and breathability. Choose from 5 mm or 7 mm neoprene thicknesses to accommodate your desired compression, warmth and stiffness. Sold as a pair, RockTape KneeCaps are available in sizes: small, medium and large; for sizing, measure the circumference of the leg around the center of the patella.

KneeCaps Features

  • Neoprene knee support.
  • Specifically designed to provide lateral stability, compression and warmth while performing functional movements.
  • Extra tall for essential vastus medialis oblique (VMO) support.
  • Sewn using double mouser stitches for enhanced durability.
  • Designed with 4-way lycra liner for a softer feel and improved breathability.
  • Available in 5 mm or 7 mm neoprene thicknesses.
  • Available in small (11.5" - 13.5"), medium (13.5" - 14.5") and large (14.5" - 15.5").
  • Color(s): manifesto and red/gray.