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RockTape G-Loves

Item # W-ROK113

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Lifting and Leather Don’t Always Go Together

RockTape’s G-Loves are made of synthetic suede that’s strong enough for high-rep weight training but practical enough to be used during other types of recreation such as CrossFit® biking or rock-climbing. With vented finger linings, these gloves are a lightweight, breathable alternative to leather while still offering a reinforced thumb panel, seamless, durable palms and they hold chalk to prevent injuries or blisters. These gloves can be tightened with a quick yank of the pull-strap cord and are touch-screen friendly. To determine your size, measure the circumference of your hand just below the knuckles (excluding the thumb). 

G-Love Features

  • All-purpose weightlifting gloves.
  • Made of synthetic suede with silicon palm for improved gripability.
  • Features vented finger linings to keep away moisture.
  • Reinforced thump panel and seamless, durable palms.
  • Holds chalk.
  • Touch-screen compatible.