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Rip:60 Ceiling Mount & Carabineer at ELIVATE™

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Rip:60 Ceiling Mount & Carabineer

Item # W-RIPMT11

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Get Ripped Muscles With the Rip: 60 System

The Rip:60 Ceiling Mount and Carabineer was specially designed for use with our Rip:60 Suspension System’s Club Strap. Simply attach the ceiling bracket (anchor bolts and large carabineer included) and workout directly under the anchor point for maximum load capacity. Easy to install, it mounts to ceilings or walls and can supports up to 300 lbs. of body weight. The Rip:60 Ceiling Mount and Carabineer will get you to your fitness goals faster with increased intensity for more calories burned!

Rip:60 Ceiling Mount & Carabineer Features

  • Mounts to ceiling or wall.
  • Allows workout under anchor point for maximum load.
  • Increases intensity and calorie burn.
  • Comes with ceiling/wall mount, large carabineer and anchor bolts.