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Rapid Release Pro-2

Rapid Release

Rapid Release Pro-2


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Proven, Patented and Versatile

Rapid Release is the innovator in targeted, high-speed vibration therapy. Conceived and designed by a chiropractor, the Rapid Release Pro-2 unit combines a short stroke with high frequency, delivering quick, effective relief for minor aches and pains. Plus, it’s comfortable for you and your patients. The patented Rapid Release design features 5 built-in treatment heads, each with a distinct effect and useful on all areas of the body. Portable, lightweight and easy to use, the Rapid Release Pro-2 produces measurable results in quick but impactful 2-3 minute sessions. Include the Pro2 in your services and you may find yourself not putting it down. You will love how easy it is to use. Your patients will love the effective, relaxing treatments.


  • 5 treatment heads for customized treatments
  • Pain relief from tight tissue adhesion and muscle spasms
  • Relief from hand fatigue from manual therapy
  • Great for a variety of professions
  • No attachments to change, no batteries to charge