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Rapid Reboot Arm Attachments

Rapid Reboot

Arm Attachments

Item # W-RRBAR2

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Refresh Those Arm Muscles Faster

Rapid Reboot utilizes pneumatic compression to enhance post-workout muscle recovery. These Arm Attachments connect to the system’s pump, which pressurizes the chambers in the attachments at different intervals over multiple cycles. The pressurized compartments in the attachments squeeze the athlete’s arms, mobilizing fluids and speeding up the body’s natural filtering process to rid the body of exercise-induced waste products. This action also drives higher volumes of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, accelerating muscle healing.


  • 1 Pair of size-specific pneumatic compression Arm Attachments
  • Compatible with Rapid Reboot Control Pump (not included)
  • Choice of two sizes: Regular or Long
  • 2-Year Warranty