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Primal 7

Pro Movement System

Item # W-PRIPR7

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Pro Movement System is Another Set of Hands Spotting Your Clients

The Primal 7 Pro Movement System redefines the mobility possibilities with traditional suspension training systems. The Pro system features both adjustable straps and interchangeable bands that work together to provide maximum support and movement possibility so clients can experience a larger range of motion that’s practically unhindered. Primal 7’s included bands provide just enough assistance to safely and comfortably move through a series of warm ups exercises for enhanced mobility and balance. Made with 2 anchor points, the Pro Movement System can be set up from a bar, door or even tree if your group classes meet outside during warmer weather. Your trainers will appreciate how the suspension training system demands core engagement through hands-free movement. For clients working out post-op or with an injury, the Primal 7 system’s unweight benefits ease stress and tension on affected joints and muscles. Built with security, the Pro Movement System features built-in rubber coated door anchors, a quick-release band lever and interchangeable performance bands. Clients can rely on the lightweight, rubberized rings to provide a secure grip while changing movements. Encourage trainers to utilize the Primal 7 Pro Movement System in functional training sessions or with clients whose workouts can benefit from dynamic bodyweight assistance. Surpass client physical limitations by training with the Primal 7 Pro Movement System. Set includes the Primal 7 Pro unit, universal anchor attachments, interchangeable performance bands and a water repellent tote bag for easy transport.

Pro Movement System Features

  • Versatile suspension training system that assists with recovery, performance and injury prevention.
  • Provides dynamic bodyweight assistance.
  • Combines adjustable straps and performance bands for optimal mobility and range of motion use.
  • Unit includes: (1) Primal 7 unit, (2) universal anchor attachments, (1) P1 performance band (up to 175 lbs.), (1) P2 performance band (up to 275 lbs.), and a tote bag.