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Yoga Stretch Band, Pilates Stretch Band, Fitness Strap and Exercise Stretch Strap

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Item # W-LEB102

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Reach New Positions Comfortably with the Lebert Stretch Strap

Counteract and lengthen your muscle fibers with the Lebert Stretch Strap. Developed by international and world class Master Yoga instructor Anne Green, the Lebert Stretch Strap is designed to help you reach and hold new positions without causing injury. The padded handle allows for a comfortable grip while reducing wrist tension so you can hold your stretches longer. This strap is made with a double loop system that can easily wrap around hands and feet for a gentle, secure hold. Improve performance, relieve pain and relax with the Lebert Stretch Strap. This package includes 2 Lebert Stretch Straps so you can loop and connect them together to create one longer stretch band. Included with the straps are an instructional demonstration DVD with Anne Green, a poster and a convenient carrying case. Lebert Stretch Straps are perfect for any training session, fitness class, yoga, Pilates and home use.

Lebert Stretch Strap Features

  • Double-looped stretch band (much like a figure 8) with a padded handle.
  • Relax and lengthen muscles.
  • Relieve muscle cramps and pain.
  • Expertly designed by Master Yogi Anne Green.
  • Gently wraps around hands and feet.
  • Comfortable grip with cushioned handle.
  • Includes 2 Lebert Straps that can be looped together for greater length.
  • Instructional DVD with Anne Green.
  • Poster with sample stretches and carrying pouch included.
  • Perfect for personal training, fitness classes, home use, yoga and Pilates.
  • Color: black with yellow trim.