Kinesiology Taping

Make ELIVATE Fitness your go-to resource for all things kinesiology, including kinesio tape from premium sports tape brands and educational resources that explain how kinesio taping works and its applications. With an unmatched selection for gym owners and individual consumers, ELIVATE’s team delivers the know-how your business and your body needs.

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Expand your Revenue or Treat Yourself with Kinesiology Tape

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At ELIVATE, we pride ourselves in offering the largest kinesiology tape selection around. Choose from premium sports tape brands like RockTape, KT Tape, SpiderTech, Kinesio, and PerformTex – all at professional competitive prices. Stock up your gym to increase revenue and improve your member’s wellness, or buy it for yourself. With pre-cut strips for different body parts, rolls, single strips, and bulk packaging, there’s something for everyone. We also provide plenty of educational material for kinesio practitioners of all levels, so beginners can learn how to apply kinesiology tape, and seasoned practitioners can brush up on their skills.


Unsure of which tape best suits your needs? Click below to view our comparison chart, so you can make the best decision based on your needs.

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Why Use Kinesiology Tape in Your Gym?

Kinesiotaping has quickly become popular both in sports field and out because of its non-invasive, non-medicated pain relief benefits. Unlike traditional athletic or coach’s tape, kinesiology tape is a cotton-based elastic tape that features strong adhesion while mimicking the flexibility of human skin for unrestricted range of motion. It’s generally used by trained athletic and performance professionals in all types of sports and training fields. It supports muscles and joints while decreasing inflammation, improves recovery times, and is less cumbersome than a traditional compression brace

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Stock up on kinesiology tape from leading brands like RockTape, KT Tape, SpiderTech, Kinesio, PerformTex, and others.

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Find educational materials and articles from professionals to learn how to apply kinesiology tape, learn taping applications, and more.

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