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KT TAPE UltraStick™ Spray Adhesive & More at ELIVATE


UltraStick™ Spray Adhesive

Item # W-KTT851144

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Extra Sticky for Slippery Skin

UltraStick™ Spray Adhesive gives KT Tape's already strong adhesive just a little more power, or use it on traditional athletic tape. This adhesive provides a smooth waterproof surface for applying tape in extreme conditions. It works well for applying tape on oily or sweaty skin, in humidity and high temperatures. Use it to safely secure your tape in place, and you won't have to worry about it slipping or falling off while you work hard.

Ultrastick™ Spray Adhesive Features

  • Adhesive spray for kinesiology tape or traditional athletic tape.
  • Creates waterproof surface for smoothly applying tape, even to sweaty or oily skin.
  • Use in extreme conditions like high humidity or high temperatures.
  • 2 oz. per bottle.