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KT TAPE Pro Precut Strips & More at ELIVATE


Pro Precut Strips

Item # W-KTT8931

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Stays in Place for Painless Workouts

KT TAPE Pro is a high-quality kinesiology tape that offers strong pain alleviation and strong adhesive. This tape meets the high demands you place upon it by using a Secondskin adhesive, which is designed to last for up to seven days of continuous wear, even through showers, sweat, consistent movement, and pool water. The longer elastic core works like a brace by supporting the muscles, joints, and tendons but doesn't constrict range of motion, and the microfiber covering is fast-drying and antimicrobial. These synthetic strips are non-latex for sensitive skin, and also feature reflective elements for safety. The roll comes in a convenient carrying case to keep it nice. This roll of KT TAPE Pro features 20 Strips/Rolls or 150 Strips/Roll pre-cut "I" strips. Choose from various color options.

Pro Precut Strips Features

  • Roll of pre-cut "I" strips.
  • Available in 20 Strips/Rolls or 150 Strips/Roll.
  • Synthetic, acrylic based strips last longer and perform better than cotton.
  • Supports joints, muscles, and tendons like a brace without restricting range of motion.
  • Available in several color options.