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Retailing to Your Members

Help your members maintain their care in between visits to your fitness facility by retailing KT Tape® kinesiology tape and recovery products. Retailing KT Tape® is also a great way to improve member satisfaction and generate consistent revenue for your facility.

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Group of KT Tape taping products
KT Tape PRO in multiple colors

Available In a Variety of Colors & Sizes

KT Tape® makes it easy to find a tape color and size that works best for your patient’s needs. From precut strips to uncut rolls, KT Tape® kinesiology tape can be customized and shaped to provide support for muscles and joints without restricting range of motion.

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Long-Lasting Adhesive

KT Tape® kinesiology tape is designed with long-lasting adhesive to ensure your members enjoy support for days through showers, humidity, and even the pool. The elastic core of their kinesiology tapes provide support without restricting comfort.

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Collage of KT Tape products

Designed with Your Members In Mind

All KT Tape® products are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and natural rubber-free. It is recommended to test a small piece of KT Tape® applied with no stretch on tougher skin, like the forearm, before using the product line on members.

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Explore the KT Tape® Collection

Tape Product Degree of Use Days of Wear Comfortable Material Water Resistant
KT Tape Gentle

General Everyday Wear for Sensitive Skin

1-3 Cotton  
KT Tape Cotton

General Everyday Wear

1-3 Cotton  
KT Tape Pro

Light to Moderate Exercise

4-7 Synthetic
KT Tape Pro Wide

For Larger Muscle Groups, Moderate to Extreme Exercise

4-7 Synthetic
KT Tape Pro Extreme

Moderate to Extreme Exercise

4-7 Synthetic

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*Not clinically proven for all injuries.

**KT Tape® must be worn during and after exercise (up to 48 hours) for DOMS benefit.

Benefits where tape is applied.