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Klean Athlete

Klean-D™ 5000 IU

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Bring the Sunshine Supplement into Training

As a regulatory hormone that plays a role in multiple body system processes, vitamin D aids calcium absorption and supports healthy, strong bones. Inflammatory support, immunity support and musculoskeletal strength have been linked to vitamin D too, making it an essential nutrient for athletes. Your members can experience enhanced athletic performance as well as muscular recovery following a challenging workout when supplementing regularly with KLEAN-D. As part of the Klean Athlete series of supplements, KLEAN-D 5000 IU supplements are tested by the NSF Certified for Sport® Program for content, compliance and purity before receiving the stamp of approval that they’re free of banned substances. Each KLEAN-D tablet contains 5000 IU of natural vitamin D3, accounting for 1250% of a diet’s daily value. Not only does this vitamin D supplement encourage a positive outlook, it aids in muscle recovery, and helps support immunity and musculoskeletal strength too. Designed especially for athletes, KLEAN-D also may help improve the quality, frequency and duration of training and contribute to faster muscle recovery, giving an edge to athletes that train indoors or who live in northern latitudes where there’s less daylight during winter. Give your members the performance edge and vitamin D support they need to make it through a long, dark winter without compromising muscular or bone strength.

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Klean-D 5000 IU

  • Nutritional supplement designed to support healthy vitamin D levels, as well as enhance athletic performance and muscle recovery.
  • Each tablet contains 5000 IU of vitamin D3, accounting for 1250% daily value.
  • May help improve the quality, frequency and duration of training and contribute to faster muscle recovery.
  • Ideal for athletes without direct access to year-round sunlight.
  • Suggested use: take one tablet per day with a fat-containing meal, or as directed by a physician.
  • 100 tablets per bottle.