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Hyperwear SandBell® SLAM! DVD & More at ELIVATE


SandBell® SLAM! DVD

Item # W-HYP105

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Slam Full Speed into a New Physique

The SandBell® SLAM! DVD is a challenging and intense cardio strength workout that pushes you to your limits by exhausting every muscle in your body, including your lungs. Led by Patrick Goudeau, a renown aerobics instructor and choreographer, the SLAM! workout teaches you how to twist, toss, swing, glide, and slam SandBells for an extensive and punishing workout. Patrick keeps the energy level high and throws in variations to keep it fun and entertaining, while you work your way to a lean and fit physique.

SandBell SLAM! DVD Features

  • SandBell workout DVD.
  • For cardio strength.
  • Intense workout uses every muscle in the body and works the lungs.
  • Instructed by Patrick Goudeau, a renown aerobics instructor and choreographer.