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Ice Compression Device

Item # W-HPI100

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Top of the Class Cold Compression Wraps

The HyperIce® Ice Compression Device system was created by high-performance aerospace engineers who collaborated with a design team to deliver a top-notch portable ice compression device for top athletes and weekend warriors alike. Tested on some of the toughest injuries on the field, the Ice Compression Device features sleek neoprene wraps for the shoulder, extended shoulder, knee, back and utility body parts (ankle, wrist and elbow) that deliver successful cold compression using real ice. Provide extended cold compression therapeutic pain relief for recovering athletes and gym members for better recovery results using the advanced HyperIce system.

The HyperIce system is composed of 2 structurally integral devices that unite to deliver ice cold compression for optimal therapeutic results. The Ice Cell chamber features special air release technology with a valve that removes all air from the ice pack compartment. By doing so, the ice stays cold longer and treatment effectively keeps the targeted body part cooler without pause. The chamber is constructed from an antimicrobial thin “skin” that’s flexible and tear-resistant. HyperIce compression wraps have direct contact with the Ice Cell so the ice can adjust to form an “ice cast” around the desired treatment spot. Each compression wrap is made from premium water-grade neoprene foam that’s also used for high performance wetsuits. They contour to the selected body part and have multidirectional straps and built-in tension layers. With a soft plush finish, each compression strap attaches anywhere on the wrap’s surface for total user adjustability.

Ice Compression Device Features

  • Neoprene compression wraps with built-in ice chambers for cold therapy use.
  • Designed by a team including aerospace engineers and tested on high-performance athletes.
  • Composed of 2 structurally integral devices that work together to deliver cold compression therapy using real ice.
  • Ice Cell chamber uses an air release technology valve to seal the compartment and keep ice colder longer.
  • Ice Cell is made from an antimicrobial “skin”.
  • Compression wrap and chamber make direct contact so ice can adjust around affected body part and form a temporary “ice cast” for comprehensive treatment.
  • Wraps are made from premium water-grade neoprene foam that’s used in high-performance wetsuits.
  • Multidirectional straps attach anywhere on the compression wrap.
  • Wraps available for shoulder, extended shoulder, back, knee and utility (wrist, ankle and elbow).
  • Some wraps can be worn on either side.
  • Color: black
  • One size fits all.