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Hand Buoys

Item # W-HYD103

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Hand Buoys Feel Heavier in the Water

When underwater, HYDRO-FIT Hand Buoys feel and act like weighted barbells – ideal for conditioning the upper body in deep or shallow water. Hand Buoys are made of premium quality Ethafoam® and feature cushioned hand grips and sturdy construction for lasting durability. HYDRO-FIT Hand Buoys come in three sizes – mini, regular and jumbo – for progressive levels of buoyancy and resistance. Distinct colors for each size make finding the right size easy, which is especially important for group exercise classes.

HYDRO-FIT Hand Buoy Features

  • Includes one pair.
  • Cushioned hand grips.
  • Made of premium Ethafoam® for lasting durability.
  • Mini/teal (2" foam x 6" x 9"), regular/black (2.75" foam x 6" x 10.5"), jumbo/purple (3.5" foam x 6" x 12").


Mini, Regular, Jumbo