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Hugger Mugger

Tapas Travel Mat

Elivate # HUG102 MFG# MA-TB-68-BLUE
Hugger Mugger’s lightweight and extra-slim Tapas Travel Mat is a perfect space-saving solution for travelers. The ultra-thin foam folds or rolls up easily to fit into limited space in luggage or totes - it’s about the size of a sweater. A perfect mat to bring on yoga retreats or Pilates conferences, it has a tacky, non-skid surface making it a great liner under rugs, towels or other mats. The Tapas Travel Mat is completely washable, latex-free and comes in a soothing, restful blue color.
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Specifications for Item HUG102
Cloth-like feelLightweight and thin; ideal for travelAlso may be used under practice rug, towel or other mat to keep in placeWashableLatex-free30-day warranty1/16" x 24" x 68", blue
Tapas Travel Mat Features
  • Lightweight and thin for easy packing and travelling.
  • Non-slip surface great under towels, rugs or other mats.
  • Folds easily to fit in luggage.
  • Made of a cloth-like material. Washable and latex-free.
  • Dimensions: 1/6” x 24” x 68”.
  • Colors: blue.