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Heavy-Duty Ice Bags (Roll)

Item # W-CRM157

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Transport Wet Swimsuits or Trust for Swollen Injuries

Stock your facility or aquatic center with Cramer Heavy-Duty Ice Bags to not only decrease swelling and promote healing during injury, but also to provide pool patrons with a durable bag for transporting wet swimwear. These swimsuit bags have an extra-thick 1 mm of polyethylene material to help eliminate dripping or leaking. Heavy-duty Ice Bags are available as rolls in 2 sizes: 9.5" x 18” includes 1500 bags and 12” x 24” includes 750 bags. Cramer ice bags are reliable disposable bags that members will appreciate in your facility.

Heavy-Duty Ice Bags (Roll) Features

  • Reliable cold-therapy ice bags that double as a solution for transporting wet swimwear after aquatic exercise.
  • Extra-thick bags made of 1 mm of polyethylene.
  • Available in 2 bag sizes: 12” x 24” (750 bags) and 9.5” x 18” (1500 bags).
  • Dispenser sold separately .