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Halo® Trainer

Item # W-MHFST02208

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The Ultimate Core Training Exercise Tool

The ergonomic Halo® Trainer is an evolutionary device that offers dynamic and challenging ways to engage muscles while incorporating strength work, flexibility training, total body conditioning or physical & occupational treatments. Great for group fitness classes, the Halo Trainer offers core-integrated bodyweight training options to advance strength, muscle endurance, proprioception and stabilization and can be used with any 55cm to 65cm exercise ball. Workouts can start at a basic level then advance through a wide array of exercise variations with options to progress or regress the degree of difficulty to meet the specific needs of the individual. Its ergonomic handlebars improve already popular equipment such as the Stability Ball™, BOSU®* and TRX®. New and improved! With a heavier gauge frame, thicker and more durable rubber grips, this all-new Halo Trainer is muscled-up version of the original. New easy-click connectors make it a snap to assemble and dissemble for travel or storage.

Halo® Trainer Features

  • Core workouts for maximum efficiency.
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble with easy click connectors.
  • Versatile improvements on already popular equipment Levels of difficulty defined for entry level to avid athlete.
  • Provides opportunity for active aging programming.
  • Controlled instability dampens exercise intimidation.
  • Tested up to 800 pounds.