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Greens First® EndFlame™ Cell Inflammation Blood Test

Greens First®

EndFlame™ Chronic Inflammation Test Kit

EndFlame lets you measure and then treat chronic inflammation. This finger-stick blood test by Greens First is a “fee for service” product that can let you know for certain if your patient is suffering from an Omega-3 deficiency, a condition indicating the presence of chronic inflammation. Patients collect their own sample at home and use the pre-paid mailer to send it to the lab. In approximately 7 days, the provider receives, via email, a comprehensive blood report on the patient. It contains the Omega-3 test results, along with a personalized recommendation on how to improve the score. Providers can invite the patient to attend a follow-up appointment to discuss the results and subsequent steps to take for improving them. This is one of the most important biomarkers of cell health a person can take. Chronic inflammation is linked to chronic muscle and joint pain, premature aging, dementia and memory loss, chronic neck and back pain, weight gain and even ADHD behaviors. EndFlame helps providers measure chronic inflammation so they can begin to manage it.
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