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Comprehensive Exercise Ball Book at ELIVATE™

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The Great Medicine Ball Handbook


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The Great Body Ball Handbook

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Exercise Ball Book Covers Every Muscle Group

This comprehensive book features 45 ball exercises with easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions to tone and strengthen your core, upper and lower body. Each exercise in The Great Body Ball Handbook is proven effective, and grounded in proper body mechanics. Whether you need to learn how to select the proper size ball, how to inflate it or how to use it, this exercise ball book will help. As you gain strength, you can increase the difficulty of your exercise ball workout with handy tips from the handbook, too. It also offers suggestions on how to decrease the difficulty level, if you need to. And it even includes sections about stretching, safety, and proper form and posture. When you’re done using this handy exercise ball book, you’ll have covered all of the major muscle groups.

The Great Body Ball Handbook Features

  • Authored by Andre Noel Potyin and edited by Mike Jespersen.
  • Printed in color; 64 pages.